Tianjin Yeland Tangting
所属分类:Real estate

Yeland Tangting is located in the southwest of the intersection between Qinjian Road and Guangrong Road (stretching from Jinianguan Road in the south, Guangrong Road in the north, Qinjian Road in the east and Dongnan Road in the west), covering an area of 132,000㎡; the product lines of this project are rich, including high-end residential, foreign-style house, residential apartment, serviced apartment and LOFT as well as large scale business, it has become the urban high-end complex within the area and strives to become the regional landmark building. The land “A” of Phase I is composed of 10 high-rise buildings and 7-floor foreign-style house with the total area of 156,000 ㎡. Yeland Tangting is equipped with roughly 60,000 ㎡ comprehensive supporting business and its commercial activities are plentiful, including large shopping center, main brand anchor stores, cinema, high-grade club, which can meet the demands of owners at the most extent; all businesses are built along the street in overall planning and serve as the natural barrier of the community, which could provide a quiet place in the prosperous and bustling city. Perfect and mature supporting facilities of the community are bound to greatly improve the residence comfort and commercial investment value of the project. The external eaves of the architectures adopt the style of ARTDECO. ARTDECO architecture derives from France and develops on the basis of classicism. It is the elegant model of European sentiments, showing the characteristics of nobility, elegance and gracefulness. The entire planning of the project adopts the humanistic design. The positioning of the building gives full consideration to the orientation and landscape control. The external wall is tall and outstanding. Floor one to three adopts the plug-in high-grade giallo cecilla stones; Floor four and above adopt high-grade bricking eave coating. Except for ten buildings, the ground adopts high-intensity green design. The green ratio reaches up to 41%, which is quite rare in the high-grade project of Tianjin. The landscape gardening design of the project also gives consideration to the ornamental value, coordination, humanistic value and participation value. It combines both hard landscaping and water landscaping, which is also against the style of ARTDECO architecture. It highlights the European-style gardening style, represents the unique landscape characteristics and embodies the warm, elegant and nostalgic cultural atmosphere. In terms of landscape, Phase I is centered by water landscaping axis. The master building forms enclosure-oriented landscape, winding around the central area and the master building. It is also connected to outdoor swimming pool and ends in the submerged court of the underground garage in the form of a waterfall. Meanwhile, it also combines the underground garage and the landscape of the submerged court, thus forming an organic whole and reaching high harmony between the economy and landscape. The water face is now wide and now narrow, which is quite flexible.