Beijing Yangzheng Investment Co., Ltd

Subordinate to HNA, Yangzheng Investment serves as a comprehensive platform integrating resources of the life-nourishing and pension industry. It is devoted to growing into a leading modernized service supplier of comprehensive life-nourishing and elderly-caring industry in China. Yangzheng Investment regards HNA Investment as its industry investor, grasps the industrial opportunity under the new situation, regroups its resources and focuses on the development of the products of elderly-caring organizations, elderly-caring innovative products, elderly-caring financial products and standardization of elderly-caring operation. It sticks to the internationalized thinking mode and uses young team to aim to set up the model of quality life of the elderly.

Yangzheng Investment introduces in the American mode based on the differences of national conditions, national psychology and ethical concepts. Yangzheng Investment has forged deep partnership with Brookdale, the largest operator of elderly-caring community and supplier of elderly-caring service in America in the following professionalized organizations (including but not limited to): medical care and recovery, elderly caring training, elderly facilities and device, elderly intelligent information etc. Based on many market surveys, Yangzheng Investment centers on the product mode of CCRC and develops HC and AAC mode so as to develop the new-type elderly-caring apartment with Chinese characteristics, thus providing segment services such as independent residence, assistant residence and dementia care for the elderly. In the future, it will provide supreme services for the elderly in Beijing, Tianjin, Hainan, Hangzhou and Shanghai.

Develop the sample of modern quality life for the elderly

To develop the sample of modern quality life for the elderly, we should devote ourselves to becoming the best solution provider for the elderly life. The business of Yangzheng Investment is exactly to help people to get older in a better way. This is because we regard each client as an independent, valuable, dignified and ambitious human being. Our mission is to improve the premium service with our concern, respect, professionalism and sincerity to satisfy the changing elderly-caring demands of clients. We hope to achieve the balanced development of the entire organization through the unity of individualization and professionalization. Therefore, we have set up our unique service system from five dimensions. Physiologically, we maintain the health of our clients with our professional nursing and medical guarantee to prolong their autonomous behavior ability; Psychologically, we improve the happiness of clients with our considerateness to make them filled with peaceful and happy feelings; Socially, we promote the sense of satisfaction of clients with colorful entertainment activities and active social activities to make them live a substantial life every day; In terms of catering, we provide the balanced nutrition for clients through scientific and reasonable dieting plan to make them enjoy the healthy and delicious meals; Environmentally, we provide the comfortable residential environment and improve their sense of comfort to make them enjoy the cozy residence.

The first elderly-caring project of HNA--Tianjin Oriental Health

On Feb. 10, 2015, the first pension project of Yangzheng Investment--Tianjin Oriental Health formally started its pilot operation. Oriental Health is located at the entrance to the main road of the Comprehensive Development Zone of Ninghe Modern Industrial Park. It is the exemplary construction project of the pension industry block of Tianjin HNA and is the first landed project of HNA in the pension industry. Oriental Health has four theme service centers: dieting center, body caring center, recreational center, cultural and artistic education center to satisfy the all-round demands of intermediate and high-end elderly clients in terms of health care and elderly care. Through the industrial advantages of HNA, the elderly from Oriental Health also enjoy various preferential treatments such as air ticket, cruise, medical care and financial portfolio of HNA. In the assumption of Yangzheng Investment team, Tianjin Oriental Health will be built into a brand-new elderly service platform and will provide the healthy and positive lifestyle, steady and equal social circle, abundant learning activities and guaranteed caring system for members. Advocating the idea of HNA of 'doing our bit for the society and others', Yangzheng Investment consciously takes promoting the social development and progress as its own task, always focuses on the social cause that the country and the times need and remembers to pay back the society. While the pension industry of China has not been prosperous yet, we firmly believe that human effort is the decisive factor and that there is something more important apart from strength: whether we are willing to bear social responsibilities. We believe in the power of will and feelings.