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Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

HNA spirit

Common ideal

To the well-being of mankind and to the peace of the world.

Common belief

God bless the good, the days of self-legislation, self-domination, truth, goodness, beauty, boundless love.

Common pursuit

Public recognition, public participation, public achievement, the public to share.

Common philosophy

Integrity, performance, innovation.

HNA colleagues encourage each other ten

Groups in harmony to flourish; diligent in holding fast to the guidelines;
health in Shensi as medicine; Zheng Zhi Yao proposed to forgiveness;
young and old to love as Jinde; scholarship to study ground for the entry;
treat people with sincerity was the cornerstone; at in all humility for the rational;
everything in a pre-established without labor; Receiving prudence as fundamental.


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