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HNA Investment is the first of its kind to invest in the "yueyan international", a high-end retireme


The morning of December 21, 2016, its wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing hna investment ideas are carefully polished, on behalf of the "institutional pension" brand strength of the flagship project - Beijing and yue home officially opened the international community care.

Beijing yue in the international community is located in Beijing chang an avenue, west along the long term care, is located in a quiet place in the core region of the shijingshan district, with a total construction area of 4 square meters, public facilities and supporting 1 square meters, 302 rooms, 403 beds, geared to the needs of high-end old customers in a city, provide CCRC sustained and healthy retirement communities () a full range of professional pension services.

"Love and joy, the love of a family". The three words "yueyue" carry the deep recognition of the needs of China's aging population. Among them, "harmony" means harmony, harmony and peace. In the harmony between our elders and our staff, the family of the working group is a mixture of intercommunion, warmth and kindness. The "yue" has three kinds of moods, the joy of letting the happy feelings flow here; Pleasing to the eye, providing the elderly with a smile service for air characteristics; Yue xin, let the elder people life in this to be cultivated and sublimate. And "home" is a love, and yue home value with elders together fate, in the home, we use company and listen to reflect respect for the elderly, caring for parents, for yourself and for others, social responsibility.

The home of yue, is the Chinese dream of life, is also hna people advocate with themselves, others and the society reflects the harmonious relations, and bearing the weight of the value proposition of hna endowment and services. The international community of the yueyue family will be a service of yueyue, pleasing to the eye and pleasing to the heart.

To this end, and yue international community care construct ", music, food, house "four service characteristics, aspires to build China's aging population is the most representative samples, the most growth of quality life.

Medical fusion, build a pleasant rehabilitation therapy system

Delaying the process of ageing, reducing the pain, being able to be happy and natural, is the ultimate pursuit of the yueyue service. Sweet home set up medical center, and several 3 armour hospital established emergency green channel, equipped with complete recovery equipment and monitoring system, comprehensive security check in the safety of the old man; The nursing personnel training course of international vision, with the professional guard the old person health each step. We will introduce the research and development of the electronic game console and other entertainment rehabilitation equipment, and realize the innovation of recreational and mental health. More elderly people to provide personal customized care plans, through touch therapy, music therapy, beauty therapy, sweet fume therapeutics, horticultural therapy in a variety of ways, such as complete rehabilitation therapy in exerts a physical and mental pleasure.

We will cultivate and cultivate the cultural center of Beijing and western culture

"The old school has learned, day and day", meeting the spiritual needs of the elders is the high level of the old-age service. A comfortable and social space for friends and friends to join in the comfort of their friends. Carefully designed curriculum of Chinese excellent traditional culture, including tai chi, calligraphy, painting, Peking Opera, etc. Yue family members will "friends", but also enjoy preferential treatment in hna honor customers, can share the characteristics of hna "eating, living, transportation, tour, shopping, entertainment" travel activities, and extended to all-round high quality services such as finance and insurance services.

The diet is based on the nutritional system of the elderly

Food is the basis of food, and the first of the four pillars of health is a healthy diet. Investment ideas are working with experts from Peking University nutrition joint development to develop a unique set of elderly health diet, in accordance with the principle of the elderly dietary pagoda, nutrition, food, cooking principle of choose and buy and diet method of all kinds of chronic diseases, and yue home daily arrangement provides not less than 25 kinds of ingredients, and carefully to improve the chuan yue lu and other Chinese cuisine and the combination of Chinese and western cuisine, supply all kinds of function food, health food, at the same time ensure the comprehensive and balanced nutrition, let the elders in sweet home eat comfortable, can eat at ease.

To build a "five sleep" comfortable living experience

Based on the needs of the elderly, the yueyue family can create a comfortable and comfortable living experience for the elderly from the five dimensions of sight, hearing, touch, smell and hearing. Focus on the configuration of every detail of the living environment. Custom designed by experts in accordance with European E1 standard optimum aging pure solid wood furniture, perennial flowers and maintenance good garden green plant, warm orange and green quietly elegant the mass-tone attune of the soft outfit, downy and bright lights, graceful flowing music everywhere, a story of beautiful fragrance diffuses in every corner of every sweet home... This all builds the old people comfortable "five senses" feeling and the beautiful living experience!

Beijing ideas are committed to become China's leading modern health endowment comprehensive service operators, fully integrated air travel, real estate, finance, health the whole industry chain resources advantage, pass hna good service concept, combined with industry trends, to serve as the core, the capital as a lever to build and yue culture as the spirit of "institutional pension" product, and with the kinetic energy of pension financial products "innovation pension" two production lines, and comprehensive services in China's aging population growing pension demand, with a full range of pension business form cover elderly community development financial services, pension, pension agency operation, pension service output and professional talent training, etc., in order to "care, respect, professional and sincere" for the mission, to provide the highest level of quality service as the goal, meet the changing requirements of endowment elderly clients, uphold the internationalization way of thinking, younger team to create samples of elderly population quality life.

Current ideas have been held in Beijing and tianjin Oriental successful operations ve CCRC one-stop pension service brand and Beijing and yue international community care two brands, and continue to the layout of Beijing, tianjin, hainan, hangzhou, suzhou, Shanghai, chengdu and other places, and set out to develop large pension community projects as well as institutions, pension and other products that occupy the home, in order to realize the diversified development of pension products.

The Beijing grand opening and yue home international community care program, marked the hna investment strategy transformation of the financial investment platform, layout endowment plate phased breakthrough results.