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HNA Investment•Sweet home |The elder is transformed into "stewardess", the other youth festival in t


Everyone wants to stay young, but no one can resist the changes of time. It will be the greatest fullness of life if you can still retain your youthful attitude and youthful life at the end of your age.

On May 4, 9:30 in the morning, when the youth day, hainan airlines volunteer association came to hna and yue house, repeatedly in a coffee shop to live in the elders of the house of scheduled a cosmetic change activities, elders became incarnate "stewardess", to show the youth appearance and elegant demeanor.

Activities, hainan airlines youth volunteers personally for beauty makeup, demonstration teaching grannies how eye shadow, how to apply blush, after some time, and close interaction in front of grandma every makeup look beautiful, radiant. Beauty therapy is an elderly care therapy that has been prevalent in Japan and South Korea in recent years. Makeup can make people cheerful confidence, and daub lipstick and foundation, etc. Series of actions, to increase the elderly brain activity can not only prevent alzheimer's disease and other symptoms, can delay the disease development.

The hainan airlines youth volunteers carefully painted their grandmother's nails

"Grandma, let's draw a little line of eyeliner to make the eyes bigger and more natural, so the wrinkles in the corners of the eyes will not be noticeable." "Grandma, do you like the color of the lip color?" The stewardess makes up for the old man, and has not forgotten to talk to them.

The elders are kind like their grandmother

"They reminds me of his grandmother, every day on the fly, very few such interaction with family back home, go home after my first thing on a beautiful make-up for grandma." "Said a wet stewardess.

The grandma after changing outfit, is not young many!

Volunteers were then given a flight attendant's uniform and a character experience. In the instant of changing the uniform, the event turned into a costume party. The flight attendants occasionally encourage and affirm the shy elders.

The volunteers were chatting with grandma

The sweet family organizes 1-2 beauty treatments every month. In Mrs. Li said: often makeup increased my confidence, to look in the mirror I can sit straight, walk also not as faltering as before, a lesson down don't feel tired, but also more radiant.

The volunteers sang with their grandfather

Liu xiangyang, the director of the family's care, also conducted an elderly care training program for volunteers. Director liu xiangyang, who worked in the friendship hospital of China and Japan and has been working in the UK for more than 10 years, is very senior in nursing care, loss of care and management. She worked with volunteers to share the main points of care for different elderly people. Liu xiangyang said: caring for the elderly requires love, patience, empathy and sense of responsibility. Any care must be built on the dignity of the elderly, love them from the bottom of their heart, and recognize them.

This activity is not only for the elderly to make a cosmetic change treatment, but more importantly, it motivates young people to "respect the old and love the old". Because old people are the treasure of our society, and when they can, they devote their youth to society. Now that they are older, our younger generation is paying their respects to them, and learning from them the passion that never dies.