Message from the Chairman

On behalf of HNA Investment, I’d like to express my sincere thanks to our shareholders and members of Board of directors, Board of supervisors, and Senior management for their contributions to HNA Investment over the past decade. Special thanks go to shareholders for their consistent support and meticulous care for HNA Investment, and to all the  employees for their unremitting efforts and sincere cooperation. Without them,  HNA Investment couldnt grow into a financial investment platform focusing on real estate sales and related business, foreign investment and fund management, and actively preparing for the emerging industries like financial investment (public offerings and private equity), fund management, and public health. 

Looking to the future, we will focus on building a financial investment platform, fully utilize the foundation and advantages of enterprise formed through years of development, seize the market opportunities created by sustainable development of national economy and deepening of financial reform, and actively engage in financial investment industry. We will make every effort to capture the quality opportunities of financial industry through investment, cooperation and other means in a timely manner, deepen our understanding of the industry, and improve capacity for investment. In the meanwhile, we will develop the financial sub-sectors such as fund, trust, insurance, etc., and seek for investment opportunities in big health, pension service and other emerging industries to form a new business pattern featuring mutually supportive industries in integrated development. In this way,  - the diversified industrial investment and financing will be stressed as the company's main business and profit growth engine, and we will strive to promote the companys  transition from a real estate developer to a financial investment platform, tap the companys development potentials  and generate better return for our shareholders.

Yu Bo, Chairman of Board of Directors of HNA Investment Shareholding Co. , Ltd.