REITs asset securitization of Shanghai PuFa Building

-The first REITs asset securitization program of Shanghai Stock Exchange

-The project’s financing scale totals 2.5 billion yuan. Among them, Class A securities cover 1.531 billion yuan, with a term of 18 years. One time of put-back every 3 years and CCX's Credit Grade AAA, while Class B securities cover 969 million yuan, with a term of 3 years (which can be extended for another 3 years or into 18 years at most after the person with preemptive right exercises the right) and CCX's Credit Grade AA+.

-Shanghai PuFa Building, the subject property, is a Grade A office building located at the financial center of Lujiazui, Shanghai with a total construction area of 46,380 square meters. 98.5% of the Building was leased at the end of September 2015, with the lessees including the high-quality financial service enterprises like banks, securities companies, and fund companies with an average lease term of three years.